This is a safe and effective treatment which enhances the appearance of the eyes, by giving the eyelashes a permanent curl/lift that lasts for 8 weeks. The results are immediate and perfect for someone who dislikes the daily use of mascara or eyelash curlers. Short, straight lashes will appear longer and more flattering, and for anyone with ‘drooping’ eyes, an eyelash perm will help the eyes appear ‘lifted’.

The treatment will require you to lie down/recline for approximately 45 minutes with your eyes closed, and is found to be very relaxing.

Before the treatment can be carried out a patch test must performed at least 24 hours beforehand, to ensure there is no allergic reaction to the products used. For best results and in order to achieve maximum eye enhancement an eyelash tint  is also recommended. This would be carried out 24 hours after the perm.

*If you are having a perm and tint both tests can be carried out at the same time.