This is a quick treatment that darkens the lashes, with the colour lasting approximately 6 weeks.
The tint can be applied simply to darken fair lashes, or if preferred, to achieve a stronger black colour which gives the impression of mascara being worn (also permanent for around 6 weeks).

Tinting makes lashes appear longer,  by darkening the fair lash tips and making them more visible, while any white hairs are disguised.
Eyelash tints are unaffected by water and provide an ideal solution for anyone who dislikes the daily use of mascara, they are also perfect for holidays.
The treatment itself will require you to lie down/recline for approximately 10 minutes with your eyes closed.
To further enhance the appearance of the eyes it is well worth considering an eyelash perm, which would be carried out 24 hours before the tint.
A patch test must take place at least 24 hours beforehand, to ensure there is no allergic reaction to the products used.

*If you are having a perm and tint, both tests can be carried out at the same time.