Manicures are NOT just for people with perfectly, long well conditioned nails. The treatment is intended for anyone who would like to have nails in immaculate condition. Once the desired result is achieved, a regular manicure is of course necessary to maintain the condition of the nails.
The manicures I offer are 40-45 minutes long and include a hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle removal and tidying, a hand and arm massage and either buffing or painting of the nails.
Benefits of a manicure:

  • The shape of the nails will be improved.
  • The nail wall and cuticle will be lifted from the nail plate preventing split cuticles and forward growth of the cuticle adhering onto the nail plate.
  • Any loose skin and debris on the nail plate will be removed.
  • Any disorders/diseases that become apparent during consultation will be recognised and dealt with in the appropriate manner. If a potential health problem is identified, a visit to the doctor will be recommended.
  • Skin of the hands is softened by the soaking and removal of surface dead skin cells.
  • Skin temperature will be improved as a result of the arm and hand massage. The blood circulation will be increased and so improves the colour of the hands.
  • Suppleness and flexibility of the hand and wrist is improved.
  • Advice for homecare can be given, and any relating questions answered.