Feet are often the most neglected part of the body as they are difficult to reach and generally not on show. Certain types of shoes can be damaging to our feet, and after a long, hard day it’s often in our feet that suffer.
Pedicures are very relaxing making the feet look and feel better. After your first treatment, you may well find you’re addicted!
One of the main benefits of a pedicure is the relief from discomfort, caused by hard skin on the soles and heals. Hard skin on the feet builds up as the body’s way of protecting itself against friction. People who walk barefoot or wear shoes without tights or socks are likely to have the biggest build up of hard skin.
The other benefits of pedicures are similar to those achieved through manicures, but in relation to the toenails, feet, ankles and lower legs.
The treatments I offer are 45 minutes long and include a foot soak and scrub in a foot spa, hard skin loosening, nail shaping, cuticle removal and tidying, a foot and leg massage and either buffing or painting of the nails.